5 Pubs You Should Turn to for a Great Time in Andheri, Mumbai

The Andheri area of Mumbai is one of the most hustling bustling and happening areas in the entire city. If you are eagerly looking forward to spend an amazing night at a great pub with your friends, then you must go to several high rated pubs in Andheri. All of these places are quite popular

A Detailed Overview of Brain-Machine Interface

Recent advancements in the scientific research field have successfully shown that it is possible to drive computers by making use of brain activities. This is what Brain-Machine Interface is all about. Today, researchers throughout the world have focused quite a lot on the Brain-Machine Interface. Let us take a deeper look at the concept of

All About Green Computing

Green Computing is one of the latest trends that have been developing greatly in business these days. It deals with the studying and practicing of environment-friendly and efficient computing resources. Recently, most organizations in the computer field have realized that pursuing ecological methods are in their best interests- in terms of reduced costs as well

How to Make Windows 10 Fully Operational over Mac PCs

2015 will be a big year for Microsoft, as company has entered the Mobile market with its own flagship Lumia devices and now Microsoft is ready to surprise all windows users with its new windows operating system. It is a forthcoming windows operating system, which will be available as a technical preview for users to

10 Designing Features a Webmaster Must Avoid

Many questions will arise and decision must be made while web development, answering the questions that what to be included and left is perhaps the hardest task to deal with. Until now hardest means most webmasters still are not aware about what people not like in a website. What it can be… Once ask yourself.

10 Top Website Building Tools for Beginners

While all kinds of businesses are trying to use web for growth and spreading awareness, they find it difficult to build a website. They do not want to shell out money for hiring professionals who can do it for them. It does not mean they cannot have a website. In fact they can. There are

6 Steps to Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview

Finally, Windows 10 has arrived! There is a beta preview that had been available a long while before the official release. Microsoft made it available only a few weeks ago. Here is a complete know-how guide for the technically challenged that will help install Windows 10 in a jiffy. There are a couple of options

6 Fantastic Tips to Write a Killer Resume

Going through several resumes is a tedious process, finger shredding, and mind numbing work for the recruiters. So, it’s important that you, as a candidate, spend a good deal of time and efforts on writing a killer resume that doesn’t fail to attract the attention of the recruiters. But, even after spending lots of time

Google Drive – The Biggest Space Cloud Storage

Out of all the file synchronization and cloud storage services available, Google Drive is debatably one of the best. This pioneering service for file storage and synchronization from the search engine giant helps users with file sharing, cloud storage, and collaborative editing. It’s the home for Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

Nexus 6: Bigger, Better, New Google Phone

Google Nexus became the talk of the town when it was first launched and it has successfully managed to keep up with its brand name with great fan following and popularity. After endless sessions of rampant speculation, leaks, and rumors that surrounded the launch of Nexus 6, the phone recently officially raised the curtain about