Adobe Edge Tools and Services

Adobe has released a suite of tools and services at its ‘Create the Web’ occasion; the Edge Tools and Services are aimed at helping developers and designers to form industry-leading content for multiple platforms. Adobe Edge is built for those who value design and write code and is now company’s key brand for services and tools that can generate mobile ready data and applications with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML for delivery to mobile devices and modern browsers.

It features instinctive and task focused tools and services that operate well with other tools individually or together. The company’s ‘Create the Web’ event that took place on Monday in San Francisco witnessed the entry of seven services and tools for web developers and designers.

Edge Inspect: As the name indicates, it is a checking tool; this preview tool allows front end designers and developers to efficiently foretaste and debut HTML data on cellphone devices.

Edge Animate: This interaction and motion design tool allows bringing animated content to the network via CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Edge Web Fonts: This free printing tool is used for a growing library of open content fonts in applications and websites.

Edge Code: It is capable of editing the code and this tool is developed on the Brackets open source project, created for web developers and designers working with any 3 languages as said above.

Edge Reflow: It is one of the important tools in web designs that helps users to create visual designs and layouts using CSS and HTML for setting standards of styling content. It is expected to be available in the market by this year end.

Phone Gap Build: A tool for packaging mobile applications with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML for popular cellphone platforms.

Typekit: It gives access to host of libraries, ranging from high-quality fonts to other services required to the website to run properly.

Adobe’s Vice President and General Manager, Danny Winokur said that the company is excited to release new suites of tools for developers and designers that let them experience the mobile apps, digital content, as well as beautiful websites they’ll develop. Their aim is to develop standard-based digital content, mobile apps, and websites that are rich in typography, complexity, as well as interactivity. He said that the company is passionate about exploring new technologies, contributing more on web platform and hence they are offering tools and services for free, including Edge Animate. Other services are available as part of Adobe’s ‘Create the Event’ for paid membership.