How to Make Windows 10 Fully Operational over Mac PCs

2015 will be a big year for Microsoft, as company has entered the Mobile market with its own flagship Lumia devices and now Microsoft is ready to surprise all windows users with its new windows operating system. It is a forthcoming windows operating system, which will be available as a technical preview for users to install in their PC’s. So if you are one of those users, who want to try windows 10 on your Mac then you must read this article and you will find out every answer that your need. By this article, technology professionals provide information about how you can install Windows OS on Mac.

The Windows 10 was one of the most awaited OS in 2015. It is very likely that Windows users are already enjoying the Windows 10 technical preview but Mac users remained left behind and usually kept them away from utilization of such types of operating systems. Well there is couple of ways to make windows 10 operational on a Mac and Making a virtual machine on your Mac is very simple and easy way to install Windows 10 on your Mac. In order to do that your need to install the VirtualBox on your Mac and you are going to need an ISO image of the Operating system and your is good to go.

What is a VirtualBox?

The VirtualBox is general purpose virtualizer software for PC’s and Mac that allow users to install a guest OS on the existing machine. The VirtualBox package installs on a host operating system as an application and allows a guest OS to Boot on its existing environment.

Follow the below instruction to Download and Install the Windows 10 On your Mac successfully.

  • Use of your Hotmail ID to Sign up for Windows 10
  • Signing up will give you the access to the product Key and ISO download that you require.
  • If you already have a product key then you can download the .ISO file direct from Microsoft’s Site.
  • Now once you have all the files from Microsoft then you need to download and install the VirtualBox software.
  • After installing it, open it and click “Create New” to create new virtual machine.
  • Rename it as per your Choice.
  • Technology experts further said to provide the downloaded dot ISO file that you downloaded from Microsoft and install it.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the installation process and virtual machine setup.
  • Once the installation complete, it will be listed to the left hand side of your VirtualBox with the name provided by you.
  • Select the image and Click on “Boot” to Start it. After performing all process, you will be able to Run Windows 10 as a virtual machine on your Mac.

That is all, and you can enjoy both Mac OS X and Windows on your Mac OS X device without spending any money. You can also check for an update that can ensure to have an updated version of windows on your device. If you are an App Developer then you can install this in your Mac to test your Apps easily.

However, it is still pre-released software then it would not be a surprise if you find any bugs with the OS. However, as you are using it as a virtual machine so if things go wrong then it will not cause any problem. There are several graphical changes then Microsoft has done in the windows 10 so they will not available in the technical preview. The Start Manu has return to its original place with graphics so you can browse through several apps inside of your PC.

The performance will be slow as your machine is supporting two OS’s at once. Overall, Windows 10 performance on the Mac will be good. Using native Apps will be very easy and smooth but become little hard when using the browsers. The brightness was also little inconsistent but seems good if you are working for a while. If you are wondering that your virtual machine will be expires then you need not to worry as you can use the same process to install the final version in your Mac or other Machine.