Jarvis Ironman – AI Project: The Invention for Future

High intelligence has always dominated science fiction, especially artificial intelligence (AI). The AI robotic systems like androids, intelligent computers, and robots have been the standards, with system capabilities extending beyond human comprehension. Such systems have the ability to interact. The best instance of such interaction can be seen in Iron Man movies that feature Jarvis,

Tired of Seeing Baby Photos on FB, Unbaby.me is the solution

Are you fed up of seeing the baby photos on Facebook? Get ready to fight back. There’s a new service known as Unbaby.me, which is designed to substitute all the baby pictures automatically on your Facebook feed with photos of something more pleasant, like manatees, album cover or cats. Launched on Wednesday, Unbaby.me has already

Logitech Announces New Computer Peripherals in India

The global supplier of extra peripherals for computers and other such digital platforms, has just proclaimed that its tablet accessories portfolio and solar-powered products line has been expanded in India by adding three more new products- Solar Keyboard Folio and Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (these are designed for the 3rd generation’s new iPad and iPad2); the

Adobe Edge Tools and Services

Adobe has released a suite of tools and services at its ‘Create the Web’ occasion; the Edge Tools and Services are aimed at helping developers and designers to form industry-leading content for multiple platforms. Adobe Edge is built for those who value design and write code and is now company’s key brand for services and

10 Wonderful Features Of Android Lollipop

Android enthusiasts are highly excited with the features they are experiencing with Lollipop and Kitkat.  Android lollipop is one of the latest inventions of science, which has, by now, taken market by storm. It is one of the biggest and most ambitious undertakings for Android. Android OS would be getting an all-new makeover offering some

Advantages of Android Over Other Operating System

Systems which are user friendly and just simple enough to use are mostly preferable by people far and wide. In order to give a complete experience like no other there must be some unique features. Android is one such operating system which takes users experience to a different level. Below are some points which describes